Radiator Kavian 106 AL

Radiator Kavian 106 AL

Product Name




Radiator Core Size


Radiator Cooling Tube Size

2 rows

Number of rows of cooling tubes


Core Material of Radiator


Tank Material of Radiator



Technical Number

This Radiator has been designed and produced in order to be installed on Kavian automobiles; moreover, this product includes drain valve, and the radiator and the engine are connected through convenient fitting of hose and German-type hose clamps.

For optimal operation and longer lifespan, refill the radiator with a mixture of water together with amounts of standard antifreeze and anti-boil liquids during all seasons of the year.

This radiator for Kavian has been manufactured using the highest quality materials and has been well optimized for better functionality in cooling the car engine.

Products of “KOOSHESH RADIATOR Co.” are covered by guarantee for a period of one year.

KOOSHESH RADIATOR Co. has received mandatory standard certification from ISIRI (Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran) and holds certification of “National Green Industry” within the category of “automotive radiator industry”.


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